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Face-to-face exams in 2020

Enrolments will open on Monday 29 June for the following Metro face-to-face exam sessions:

  • Metro Music Second Session 03 (Schools and private venues only, all grades)
  • Metro Music Second Session 33 (AMEB venues, Grade 8 and Certificate only)
  • Music Diploma Session 04
  • Metro Speech and Drama Second Session 10 (Grades and Diplomas)
  • Speech and Performance Theory Session 05 (August sitting)
  • Percussion Session 09 (CPM by video only in 2020)
  • Harp and Organ Session 30 (Accordion by video only in 2020)
  • Rockschool Second Session 85
Which grades will be examined face-to-face?

We understand that many enrollers would still like their candidates to sit for a face-to-face comprehensive exam if possible this year. However, due to health and safety requirements and the social distancing limitations around COVID-19, this will only be possible for a small fraction of the candidates who usually attend the Clarence Street, Sydney Conservatorium and Joan Sutherland PAC (Penrith) exam venues in Sydney this year.

These exams will take place in a newly-created Session 33, which will only be available for Grade 8 and Certificate of Performance candidates this year in all periods from August to December at our Sydney Venues.

Please read this table explaining the different face-to-face sessions.


Can other grades be examined face-to-face in Session 03?

For 2020, Session 03 will only be available for Metropolitan grade candidates who enrol through schools or expect to be examined at suitable and approved private studios. Enrollers wishing to enrol for their face-to-face exams at private studios must obtain permission from the venue owner, who will provide you with their venue code. A venue code is required for enrolments in Session 03. AMEB (NSW) can only provide venue codes to venue owners. If you wish to apply to become a new AMEB (NSW) Private Studio Venue, you must fill in and submit two forms, the Private Studio Application Form and Private Venue Requirements for COVID-19.


Are period-to-period transfers still available for Metropolitan enrollers?

Session 03, 10 and 33 are divided into periods according to the enrolling person's residential postcode. It is possible to enrol in a different postcode period, however:

  • the enrolment must be completed and paid for by 6 July and
  • a transfer fee of $55 per candidate per examination (with a maximum of $330 per enrolment submission) is payable.
Will diploma candidates be examined face-to-face in Session 04?

All Associate and Licentiate candidates will be offered a face-to-face exam in the Diploma exam session (Session 04) at the Sydney CBD exam venues for exams in September and October 2020.


Will Regional exams in Session 02 go ahead?

Exams are expected to take place face-to-face in many of the usual Regional Conservatorium and private studios across NSW and the ACT.

  • Venues must be able to offer suitable availability and supervision as well as providing the necessary hygiene measures and social distancing requirements.
  • If a venue is unavailable in any particular region, AMEB (NSW) will contact these enrollers and offer either a free transfer to a Session 20 Video Repertoire Exam or a refund. More information on Video Repertoire Exams can be found here.
  • Regional enrollers can request a free transfer to Session 20 Video Repertoire Exam. Click here for more information.
  • Diploma exams in regional areas will go ahead if we have a suitable venue and sufficient numbers.
Will face-to-face CPM exams in Session 09 go ahead?

This year, Session 09 will be solely for Percussion face-to-face enrolments. CPM candidates will only be able to take their exam as a video exam and can enrol in Session 20 Video Repertoire Exam for these exams. Click here for details about the preparation required for a CPM Repertoire exam.


Will late enrolments be accepted for face-to-face exam sessions?

Due to the limited opportunities for face-to-face exams this year, late enrolments will only be accepted for seven days past a closing date for enrolments into any postcode period. Late entries after this time will not be accepted. The usual late fee of $60 per candidate, per exam will be charged for any enrolments received during this one-week window after the closing date.


Will face-to-face written exams be offered in August this year?
  • Enrollers were notified in November last year that face-to-face written exams will no longer be offered for Theory of Music, Musicianship or Music Craft in Session 05.
  • Session 05 will only be open to enrollers for Speech & Performance Theory and Music Craft Grades 5 and 6 exams from 2020 onward.
  • Online written exams for Music theory subjects, and Speech & Performance Theory Grade 7 (Session 90) are available to enrollers any day in the calendar year.
Will face-to-face Rockschool exams be offered this year?

Rockschool candidates can choose to enrol for a video exam in Session 80 or a face-to-face exam (pending venue availability) in Session 85.