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AMEB (NSW) examinations in 2020

As the COVID-19 restrictions are being relaxed, a number of decisions are being made on how to best examine AMEB candidates in 2020.

The following information is current as at 29 May 2020. Please visit this website regularly for the most up-to-date information, and check our Q&As for helpful information about enrolments and exams.

Video Repertoire exams

Enrollers can now enrol for Video Repertoire exams (Session 20) anytime from 1 June until 5 October 2020. The candidate has up to 21 days (from the date of enrolment) to submit their video repertoire exam link. This exam format is the only guaranteed opportunity for candidates in Preliminary to Grade 8 to receive an exam in 2020. Video Repertoire exams are available for most instruments and subjects, including For Leisure. Click here  for the preparation information for your instrument and subject. Teachers should ensure their students have the required number of pieces ready for a Repertoire program.

Face-to-face exams

The opening date for all series in the second half of the year is now 29 June 2020. Due to social distancing requirements, AMEB (NSW) will only be able to offer face-to-face exams to a small number of candidates this year. Enrolments will be accepted for all grades, however, students sitting for Grade 8, Certificate of Performance and Diploma exams will have priority. These are the only candidates who may be certain of receiving a face-to-face exam in 2020 at our Sydney CBD studios.

To help AMEB (NSW) adhere to social distancing requirements, a reduced number of studios will be available each day of the week (Monday to Saturday); as a result, enrollers will not be able to request a day preference.

Once an exam is scheduled no refunds will be given if a candidate is unable to attend their scheduled face-to-face exam. If candidates cannot attend an exam on any day in their exam period, we advise that they should instead enrol for a Video Repertoire exam in 2020.

Enrollers should note that if a face-to-face Comprehensive exam cannot be offered, they will be given the opportunity to transfer their enrolments to a Video Repertoire exam. Therefore, we advise that you prepare your students with any additional pieces required for a Repertoire exam, in case this occurs.

Due to social distancing requirements, a maximum of one support person will be permitted access to the exam venue with each candidate at Sydney CBD studios.

Upon arrival, the candidate, support person and accompanist (where applicable) must agree to a temperature screening prior to entry. The candidate and support person must adhere to social distancing requirements and wash their hands thoroughly upon entry and exit from the venue.

Diploma exams

The 04 Music Diploma session is planned to go ahead and may be extended to ensure we can accommodate as many face-to-face Associate and Licentiate exams this year, whilst complying with the social distancing requirements.

CPM exams

CPM Video Repertoire exams will be offered this year. CPM Repertoire face-to-face exams will not be offered. Click here for the preparation information for the CPM Repertoire exam

CPM face-to-face exams for the usual CPM syllabuses may be available at a later date, but at this time this cannot be confirmed. Please refer to our website for any updates.

Note that 2020 is the last year that CPM exams will be held.

Speech and Drama exams

Drama and Communication Video exams are available with enrolments opening on 1 June and closing on 5 October 2020 in the Video format in 2020.

All other grade and diploma speech and drama syllabuses face-to-face exams may be offered at a later date, but this cannot be confirmed at this time.

Rockschool exams

Rockschool UK has introduced two graded exams, Graded Certificate (Debut to Grade 5) and Performance Certificate (Debut to Grade 8), that can be submitted via video submission.
The candidate has up to 28 days from the date of enrolment to submit their video exam recording. The AMEB (NSW) office will email enrollers, advising them of the deadline date by which the video exam recording must be uploaded. The email will also include Video Exam Recording - Upload Instructions. Please ensure you have read through and followed these instructions carefully.

Rockschool Video enrolments closes on the 9 October. For more information on Rockschool video exams please go to the following link

Rockschool face-to-face enrolments open on 29 June and close on 17 August. Exams will be held from 10 October to 28 November (unless otherwise advised).