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Enrolment changes

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Enrolment changes

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Unable to attend an exam

If your candidate is unable to attend an exam please complete and submit the Candidate Withdrawal Form.

A full refund, less a $30 administration fee, will be given if the Candidate Withdrawal Form is received before the closing date of the exam period.

A 50% refund will be given if the Candidate Withdrawal Form is received prior to the refund date noted on the relevant Practical Exam Dates and Written exam dates page.

Changing the exam date

It is not possible to transfer from:

  • a face-to-face to an online written exam
  • an online to a face-to-face written exam
  • from one exam year to the next

under any circumstances.

Before the exam has been scheduled

Students can transfer to another exam session within the exam year if they request a change before the exam has been scheduled.

The enrolling person must compete a Transfer Request form to change an exam session. There is a fee of $55 per candidate per exam (with a maximum of $330 per enrolment submission) to request a new exam session. Requests will not be processed without the fee being paid.

When has an exam been scheduled?

An exam is scheduled when the Notice of Examination is uploaded to AMEB Connect and the following message is displayed 'Scheduled - notice of exam sent'.

Exam date notification screnshot

The enrolling person is notified by email that the  Notice of Examination is available in AMEB Connect.

After the exam has been scheduled

Once an exam is scheduled and the Notice of Examination is uploaded to AMEB Connect, candidates may transfer to another exam for the following reasons only:

  • substantiated medical grounds
  • day of religious observance
  • compulsory school examinations or excursions
  • verified work-related grounds
  • relevant generally recognised days of cultural significance.

The fee, per candidate per exam, to change a scheduled exam date is

  • $55 for Level 1 (up to Grade 4 for AMEB and Rockschool practical exams)
  • $66 for Level 2 (Grade 5 to 8 and Certificate of Performance for AMEB and Rockschool practical exams, any CPM Advancing Step)
  • $140 for Level 3 Associate diploma (AMEB and Rockschool practical exams)
  • $210 for Level 3 Licentiate diploma (AMEB and Rockschool practical exams)

Consult the AMEB (NSW) Transfer Policy for more information.

Complete the Transfer Request Form and attached the relevant supporting material if the students meets  the requirements to request a transfer.

Advising a date/s a student cannot do an exam after enrolment

If you need to advise a date or dates a student can not sit their AMEB exam after you have completed the enrolment for that student, complete and submit the Scheduling Request Form. The form must be completed by the person who enrolled the student in the exam.

The AMEB (NSW) is unable to accept requests for specific exam dates, times or late exams. We do accept dates to avoid. An administration fee of $30 per candidate per exam is charged for scheduling requests that are not on the original enrolment. Requests will not be processed without the accompanying fee.

The AMEB (NSW) will try and accommodate scheduling requests received after enrolment, but cannot guarantee meeting the request. If the AMEB (NSW) cannot meet the request the $30 fee will be refunded.

Candidates who have been taught by an AMEB examiner

If a candidate has been taught or has had lessons/masterclasses on any of their instruments in the last three years by someone who is a current AMEB (NSW) examiner, this must be indicated in the Scheduling Request section of the enrolment. If a lesson/masterclass was to occur after enrolment, the candidate must notify the AMEB (NSW) before the exam is scheduled. This information will ensure that examiners are not scheduled to examine their own past or present students.

Requests regarding the scheduling or non-scheduling of specific examiners will not be considered (unless a candidate has been taught by an AMEB (NSW) examiner in the last 3 years).

If an exam has to be rescheduled because this information was not provided at the time of enrolment, additional transfer fees will apply. See the section "After the exam has been scheduled" above for the fees.

Change of Grade or Subject

AMEB (NSW) advises enrollers to carefully check the Confirmation of Enrolment email sent to the enrolling person after a student has been enrolled in an AMEB exam. If a mistake has been made please advise the AMEB (NSW) within 5 business days of receiving the Confirmation of Enrolment email to fix the mistake without any fee being charged.

Sometimes a student wishes to change the exam they have been enrolled in. They may want to change the

  • Syllabus (from Piano Comprehensive to Piano For Leisure)
  • grade or
  • subject

To request a change complete the Change of Subject, Grade or Syllabus Form.

A fee of $30 will be charged if the change is requested more than 5 days after the confirmation of enrolment email.

Change of Contact Details

Changes to a teacher/enroller's

  • email
  • phone

can be made online in AMEB Connect by clicking on the 'My Contact Details' icon.

Changes to a teacher/enroller's address must be made using the Update Contact Details form and be accompanied by proof of the new address such as a

  • Phone bill
  • Water bill
  • Council rates notice
  • Lease agreement with your name

Change of Teacher or Enrolling Person

If a student changes teacher and would like all AMEB (NSW) correspondence about the enrolment to go to the new teacher, complete the Change of Teacher form.
A fee of $55 per candidate is charged to make this change.
A change of teacher or enrolling person after a student has been enrolled in an exam does not change the exam period. The exam will be set according to the original enrolling person's postcode.

Students may not change the enrolling person once the exam has taken place.

Substituting a Candidate

Under no circumstances can an enrolled candidate be substituted by another candidate for an exam.

Online written exams extension of time

A 30 day extension of time can be purchased for online written exams. The extension must be purchased before the expiry date of the exam.
A fee of $20 is charged for the one month extension.

To purchased an extension:

  • Login to AMEB Connect
  • Click on 'My Candidates' and select the candidate you wish to submit the extension for
  • Click on 'Request Extension' to add the extension to your basket
  • Go to your basket and pay for the extension

The new expiry date will be displayed next to the exam key when you click on 'My Candidates' and select the relevant candidate.

Changes to online written exams

If changes are required to an online written exam enrolment, the original enrolment will need to be cancelled and a new enrolment submitted. This is only possible within 30 days of the original enrolment. Please see the Refund Policy for more details.

Fees for Changes

Where fees are charged

  • Mastercard and Visa credit, debit and pre-paid cards are accepted
  • Transactions paid by Mastercard and Visa will incur a 0.4% surcharge in line with NSW Government instruction for all agencies to recoup their merchant interchange fees